Sep 17

Sept 17 Quick Update

I called a retrace target for USD/CAD in the discussion channel on Friday. It fell slightly short of it before the close (did not enter) then dropped over the weekend and bounced around afterward. It finally hit (and slightly exceeded) this morning for a short entry. If you missed it, we may get another spike to 1.32915 for short entry. A retrace higher than 1.32953 invalidates the trade. Expecting this to come down to a new low below 1.30 while SPX continues the projected path to a new high. We will have to see how the US Dollar and indices align as both are playing out as expected.

Aug 25

Market Update 8/25/2019

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Jul 07

Big Picture Analysis

This video is a half an hour and covers all of the major asset classes. The S&P 500 (rest of the indices will take the same path, US Dollar Currency Pairs, Metals, & WTI Oil.

It is

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