Market In VERY Volatile Astrological Window

Oct 27

In the chat channel last week, I promised some insight as to why we are about to hit a major inflection point based on both Technical Analysis and Astrology. This video covers aspects most mainstream astrologers (including those who dabble in financial astrology) know nothing about. It is so hidden and unknown, all off the popular software programs (to the best of my knowledge) do not even look for or display what’s uncovered here. I had to write a program myself and download data from NASA going back hundreds of years, then spend an untold amount of time analyzing it. As with everything else on Earth, patterns repeat. However, you have to know how to find them, and more importantly, clues as to WHEN they will repeat. This video covers the correlations between 1929, 1987, and right now. You will see why traditional Earth-based calendar astrology does not (and never has) worked in markets. You’ll see where we are right now and what’s expected both shorter-term and longer-term.

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