Gambling for Alt Season and Possibly Longer

Oct 27

Bitcoin did what I thought would do as it approached the high. The three options were:

  1. Double top and crash
  2. Come up short of the high, pull back, then run passed it
  3. Exceed the high to the 67K area, pull back, have another run.

We are on #3. With the pullback, some of my alts (except SHIB, which is running like hell) are also pulling back, so I thought I’d share some potential plays. I am no crypto expert, so DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

I haven’t done any technical analysis on them, other than in looking for entry points, which we did with SHIB on the breakout passed $0.000007 and retrace back above it, slightly (but not much) higher. That turned out to be more than a 400% gain pretty quick and is up to insane gains right now. I took profits on it to cover costs and the rest can sit there.

Who knows what SHIB will do, but I’m sure many people are thinking the same thing I am: “I missed the boat and/or sold too early on many plays and learned a hard lesson”. At prices this cheap (even after it has run and still is) the herd is probably throwing small lottery ticket money at it and won’t sell unless gains are life-changing.  If you’re in this, chances are (like me) you’ve probably seen others covering it and YouTube videos with ridiculous price predictions, some explaining how even a .01 is impossible based on market cap. I don’t know. Nothing is impossible. DOGE did it and still has dumped back to the micro pennies. It’s a lottery ticket with costs already covered, so I don’t plan on selling any until another 25% of it nets six figures. That might not ever happen, but again, who knows.

Earlier in the year we played XRP from $0.25. At $0.75 I closed half and the rest can sit there, either to zero or for a super large gain. I have a buy limit sitting in the trading account at $0.15 to add more just in case they wipe this thing to the bottom before running it, and that may happen if there are things we don’t know about in the works to make it prominent in the space. It is an ISO 20022 Compliant Coin, one of the reasons I like it. Others are XDC, XLM, IOTA, and ALGO. I’m holding positions in all of them except IOTA, which I may add on a dip.

ETN, RDD and BTS were three dead ones sitting in the portfolio for a while. They started to perk up. I wouldn’t be so gung-ho on entering either of them. They seem like dead projects, but if your DD indicates otherwise, comment below.

Most of these are not on Coinbase (which is good, since when they get listed, price has already run up). You’ll need to be familiar with Binance, UniSwap / Pancake Swap, Meta Mask Wallet, etc… I gave links to some of the projects below which explain how to buy the tokens. Once you figure it out for one, the rest are easy. Some are also listed on KuCoin and/or BitTrex which are also easy and quick to open and account and trade with. The fastest way to fund any of these is to send crypto from an exchange you are already on (like Coinbase) to your wallet. Some (like Binance) require multiple transfers.

The Super-Lotto “SHIB” gambling picks:


This is at the top of the list because price has spiked, pulled back to a good entry point, and comes from a trusted contact who has made a ton of money in just about everything he touches — MLM, Crypto, and much more. At less than 0.00000004 per token, it’s worth a lottery ticket and hasn’t moved much yet (other than founders taking positions early on). This is not an alt-season play, but a much longer term hold.


Comes from a twitter friend most of us know, follow, and respect, ChartShark28. It moved up when it was announced, now back down.


A pure speculation gamble. At 0.00000000019 the ETH gas fees are likely to cost more than taking a position.

Klee Kai
Same as above, worth a lottery ticket as well.

I would not put too much into the last two. Beer money, lotto ticket, etc…

Tip: Buy some of these late at night, when ETH Gas fees are lower.

Low Priced, Possibly High Potential:

At the top of the list, I like VET and VRA the best. They are popular with some of the YouTubers, the stories look good and are starting to gain traction. These are two, where if they run, I will likely hold a large chunk longer-term. VET uses the blockchain to prevent counterfeiting, VRA is in the crypto gaming space. DYOR (Do your own research). VET sat at a dime for quite a while. I waited for price to break the weekly chart at $0.12 to get in. VRA has already moved up from $0.05 but not much and is starting to pull back.

Priced higher, MANA might go (crypto gaming) but my top pick in the more expensive category is ENJ. DYOR. My entries are lower than current prices, but they are starting to pull back.


Here are a few others, many of which you have probably already seen. Again, DYOR and comment if you know more about them than I do (which is not much). I realize SOL has ADA beat by a landslide, but have hopes for it, at least to hit close to $3 by the end of the season where profits can be taken and the rest added to the heap of the “No Short-Term Trading Pile” with SHIB, XRP, DOGE, etc…


A Simple Trading Strategy:

TA with Elliott Wave and price action on these is a little tough, especially after they have been sitting idle forever and start to perk up. You can run weekly trendlines and buy the breakout like we did with SHIB ( to provide some assurance you’re not throwing money at a coin with no life) but nearly everything on this list has already moved. An easier way is to add 20 and 200 SMA’s to a chart. Set the timeframe for 30 minutes or 1HR, buy when they cross at the bottom, sell when they cross at the top, or in some cases, even a bounce off the 200 works.

Protect Your Assets:

You’ll need to Google this yourself if you don’t already know how to do it, but whenever possible PUT YOUR COINS IN COLD STORAGE, especially when you plan to hold and not trade. Nano Ledger is a good place to start. I hate to admit it, but had to learn this the hard way. I had XRP from less than $0.06, was holding for a long time. When I saw it spike over $2 I went to go sell and the exchange I had it on was gone. POOF!  That was a lottery ticket worth over a half a million dollars.  While I trust Coinbase over the other lesser known exchanges, I still would not leave anything there either, other than for trading purposes. For now, many of these might be traded, but once alt season is over and/or you know what you’re going to hold long-term, put it in cold storage. Get a safe (or safe place) to hold the USB stick and the printed out recovery phrase (don’t store that on your PC either). I’ve left off the top and bottom words of the recovery phrase and memorized them, just in case that gets in the wrong hands.

Comments Open:

I am not a crypto expert. Most of you know my core trading is Forex, and sometimes ES/SPX. Feel free to correct anything in this post, add your DD on these (or your own) picks, etc…

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Mike October 27, 2021

To add:

I like TRX in the trading account after a bounce off the daily trendline this morning at $0.088 with a stop right below it. Another one I’d look for gains, peel some off, then leave the rest. If it fails to hold $0.088 exit and look for re-entry on a bounce near the trendline in the $0.062 area.

I’d also be looking for a pullback in ETH with BTC right now and adding an ETH position to hold with a stop at entry once it bounces and moves. I won’t give pullback targets for either, other than to subscribers, but ETH should outperform BTC next year. It’s tough to say if ETH will crash with everything else in 2022, but with sensible trading and a stop at entry, you should be fine.

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