Final Chance for Discounted 2021 Subscriptions and Renewals

Dec 28

If you are an active subscriber with a subscription ending prior to 1/1/2021, please check your email for the deeply discounted renewal rate or Private Message me in the channel.

For everyone else, all coupon codes will expire in less than 48 hours.

If I were to take an inventory of what has produced the best results for me over the past decade, Network Marketing comes in first place, trading the market second, and selling AstroTechTrading as a service a distant third.

Since I now own the Network Marketing Company I was marketing (the owner wanted to retire) it is infinitely easier (for me) to simply integrate AstroTechTrading into it and offer it as a service to distributors. It fits under the umbrella of the company anyway.

This is not a message to pitch you into becoming a rep for the company, although that opportunity is certainly available. If it peaks your interests, go here. If you enroll as a Director, you’ll get the full benefits of membership, the ability to earn a monthly residual income by sharing the program with others, and AstroTechTrading as part of it. Cost is $170 monthly and can be offset by referring two others to the program.

In 2021, AstroTechTrading prices on the website will increase to $2,060 annually to coincide with WealthPerx (The Network Marketing Company).

Like I said, it’s not for everyone and may not be for you, but I’m mentioning it here since I don’t plan on marketing AstroTech by itself moving forward in the future, or offering discounts. The plan is to market (or let others market) the full WealthPerx umbrella of services and continue to trade and provide the service as I have been, but not market it throughout the year and/or provide discounts. In fact, pricing will go up as mentioned.

Again, this is the last opportunity to receive 2021 (and future years) at a substantial discount.