3/26 Friday Close Update:

Mar 26

3/26 Friday Close Update:

Overnight AJ long was a rocketship. I closed off some early in the day for 70 somewhat pips and the rest later on for over 100. The dollar did not go anywhere while ES / SPX spent the day climbing. AUD/USD paid out about 50 pips.

I’m headed into the weekend flat in Forex / Futures, but opened a small SPY 385 lotto put position expiring Monday just in case things don’t hold up. The concern is the market is up in three waves, which could collapse. More than likely, we’d get a pullback, then continue up.

If all goes as it should and nothing drastic occurs over the weekend, once we see the Sunday open I’ll look to re-enter positions.

It’s been a decent week both ways and I do not feel like seeing profits evaporate at the Sunday open, so flat it is for the weekend. If SPX were to miraculously climb to a new high in the next 40 minutes, I’d be even more concerned…